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How To Manage a Remote Team Successfully – Paula Wigwe

As a business, your ability to adapt to a changing business environment is very key.

For instance, in the last two years, many companies have had to embrace remote working in some form. When you have to work remotely, ensuring that some part of your polices are flexible will make a difference in putting a human face, human feeling and human touch to your business. It will also enable your employees work more efficiently.  Managing a remote team, especially in this clime, can be dicey.

Watch Paula Wigwe, Business Manager, African Development Centre (West Africa) share 5 tips to help you manage remote teams successfully

How To Tell The Right Stories And Grow Your Business On A Small Budget – Tomiwa Aladekomo

Defining a vision for yourself and your business is important. Figure out what makes you different as a brand, because without a hook and an emotional appeal, you won’t go very far.

Telling great stories with your content will help you resonate better with your audience, and you don’t necessarily need a big budget to strike the right chord. Want to know how? 

Watch Tomiwa Aladekomo, CEO Big Cabal, share his Top 5 tips on how to tell the right stories and grow your business on a small budget. 

How To Expand Your Business The Right Way – Nike Majekodunmi

Running a business in Nigeria isn’t a walk in the park. You worry about sales, revenues, finance, logistics, operations and so much more. It’s even more challenging if you find yourself in the middle of a recession or pandemic. In the face of it all, how do you ensure that your business doesn’t suffer? How do you drive sustainable business growth?

Watch Nike Majekodunmi’s full video to get her top 5 tips on how to expand your business the right way.

Running a Business in a Tough Environment – Joseph Edgar

Every product and service has its market. The challenge, however, is how you identify your market.

Strategy is the bridge that takes you to the market after you have identified your market. Your strategy must be clear, and you have to follow this up with scenario planning. The question is: how do you do all of these?

In this episode of #FCMBTop5, Joseph Edgar, foremost Theatre Producer and Investment Banker, shares his top tips in running a business in a tough environment.

How To Harness Technology In Transforming your Business – Emeka Eboegbune

As a business owner, observing trends,  understanding what people are looking for, innovating to solve their challenges and, ultimately, making them feel good will transform your business in amazing ways. Technology can help you achieve these and more. The question is – are you leveraging it enough?

Watch Emeka Eboegbune, Group Technology Programme Manager, FCMB Group, share his Top 5 tips to help you “Harness Technology in Transforming your Business”. 

How To Get More Results Through Collaboration – Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti

Being intentional about building your network and leveraging that network as a business owner will help you get better results. Also, if you identify a business you would like to collaborate with, ask and be sure you give value in return. Your business can benefit greatly from collaboration, if you are strategic about it. Want to know how?

Watch Ifedayo Durosinmi-Eti, Founder of Herconomy, share her top 5 tips on “How To Get More Results Through Collaboration” 

How To Grow A Local Startup With Global Appeal – Mitchell Elegbe

When you own a startup, asking the right questions and providing solutions to people’s problems are important. Plus, how well you solve local challenges can propel you to the global stage. The question is – how do you ensure that your startup is solution-driven and internationally appealing?

Watch Mitchell Elegbe’s full video to get his Top 5 tips to on how to take your local startup and make it a company with a global appeal.

How To Attract Customers And Make More Money – Steve Harris

Do your customers feel good when they buy from you? Are they confident that they’ve made the best buying decision?

The growth of your business is tied to the emotional connection that your customers have with your product. You can make your business thrive even when your customers have multiple offers being thrown at them.

Watch Steve Harris, CEO, EdgeEcution as he shares his Top 5 tips on “How to attract customers and make more money”

How To Unlock International Market Opportunities – Olori Boye-Ajayi

As a business owner in an era where digital connectivity is at an all-time high, you can meet, reach, and sell to anyone across the world easily. Learn how you can send goods to the international market, own the rights to manufacture goods, explore franchising, and so much more.

Watch as Olori Boye-Ajay, President, Borderless Trade Network share her Top 5 tips on “How to unlock international market opportunities

How To Navigate TAX Issues As Small Business Owner – Taiwo Oyedele

For many small business owners, navigating the tax landscape can be difficult. From knowing what type of business entity to register to knowing the implications of “buy one get one free” offers to making a commitment to do the right thing, getting the basics right can make a difference in managing tax matters.

Watch as Taiwo Oyedele, Fiscal Policy Partner and Africa Tax Leader at PwC shares his Top 5 tips on “How To Navigate Tax Issues As A Small Business Owner”.

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